Aircon Ducts

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A perfect set of cover pieces for your rooftop firefights, these modular aircon ducts can also be mounted on walls of the buildings to provide your miniatures with more ways of getting to the upper floors - or set an ambush and drop upon an unsuspecting opponent!

The kit contains:

  • 2 long aircon ducts (27x27x108mm)
  • 2 short aircon ducts (27x27x54mm)
  • 8 corner pieces (27x27x27mm)
  • 2 "T" intersections

Long: H: 27mm W: 27mm L: 108mm

Short: H: 27mm W: 27mm L: 54mm

"T" intersection: H: 27mm W: 27mm L: 27mm

Corner: H: 27mm W: 27mm L: 27mm