Ruined Chapel

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Looking for a place your necromancer could settle in? This small ruined chapel will be a perfect centerpiece for any graveyard-themed table - and it's a great source of some really great OneUp pieces, including double height walls with gothic windows and gothic spires.

The kit contains sixteen (16) OneUp system modules that can be used to build various two-story gothic ruins.

Contents and measurements:
2x 150x100mm Floor Piece A
1x Ruined double 25mm wall A
1x Ruined double 25mm wall B
1x Double 100mm wall w/ archway and rosary window
1x Ruined double 75mm wall A w/window
1x Ruined double 75mm wall B w/window
3x Pillar A
4x Pillar B
2x Pillar Cap: Gothic Spire