Modular Tenement

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Despite the exodus to the colonies, the demand for inexpensive pre-fab housing is skyrocketing on Terra - hence the use of these modular structures that can be used for anything from small bungalows to massive apartment complexes.

The kit contains a modular tenement building consisting of two floors with exterior stairs and a two-part removable roof.


  • prepainted in full color
  • friction-based assembly: most of the building can be assembled without glue!
  • accessible floors and a removable roof
  • stackable in multiple ways (flush, offset, at an angle) with each other and with other modules from the NeonPunk range
  • opening hinged doors
  • reversible modular floor
  • includes a selection of greebles: two (2) neon sign holders with four (4) acrylic signs, two (2) sets of cables, two (2) vents

H: 132mm W: 158mm L: 126mm