Vault Builder Bundle: Architect

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This bundle contains a selection of kits that will allow you to build a Vault Setup for a 900x900mm table - a perfect way to start your Vault Builder scenery collection!

Contains the following Vault Builder sets:
2x WLV024 Vault Corridor D
1x WLV081 Vault Expansion Pack: Walls A
1x WLV083 Vault Expansion Pack: Walls C
1x WLV091 Vault Expansion Pack: Corridor Floors A
1x WLV031 Vault Room A
1x WLV032 Vault Room B
1x WLV033 Vault Room C
1x WLV034 Vault Room D

Bought separately this items would cost a total of 130,55 EUR, you're saving 10,60 EUR when buying them in the bundle.