Cooling Unit

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The hiss of steam and the clank of steel hitting against steel can no longer be heard anywhere near - today these labyrinthine structures are mostly a backdrop for gang throwdowns and various shady deals.

The kit contains thirty-three (33) OneUp system modules that can be used to build a large centerpiece structure with multiple access points and decorative pieces.

Contents and measurements:
1x Cooling unit
1x 200x50mm Floor Piece A
1x 150x50mm Floor Piece A
1x Stairway (single)
4x Small Support
4x 75mm Railing
2x 50mm Railing
4x Pillar Cap (vent)
4x Pillar Decoration: Fans
1x Pillar Decoration: Console
2x 50mm Beam
2x 25x50mm floor piece
2x ladder (single)
4x pillar