Reinforced Trench: Outpost Bundle

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In the grim darkness of the far future there is only a ridiculous amount of trench warfare.

This bundle includes three kits (2x Reinforced Trench (Straight), 1x Reinforced Trench (45 degrees) and contains a total of eight (8) trench sections:

  • four (4) 45-degree trench sections: two (2) inner corners and two (2) outer corners.
  • two (2) 150mm straight sections
  • two (2) 75mm straight sections


  • prepainted in full color
  • multiple modules can be arranged in a single line of fortifications or as a trench reinforced on both sides

Outer Corner: H: 40mm W: 179mm L: 125mm

Inner Corner: H: 40mm W: 128mm L: 103mm

Long Trench: H: 40mm W: 150mm L: 75mm

Short Trench: H: 40mm W: 75mm L: 75mm