Oola’s Cantina


There are plenty of shady watering holes in the starport, but if you're looking for something more classy, Oola's Cantina is the place to visit! This multi-part model of a dining venue located in the Ancient Starport will make for a great centerpiece in your space opera games. Includes three accessible sections with two story stairwell in the middle section. Versions with and without interior included. All the pieces are either self-supporting or pre-supported for FDM printing. We recommend using the unsupported versions with slicer-generated supports for resin printing. Set of furniture for the cantina courtyard available separately.

By purchasing this product you agree to print this file for personal use only. Sharing the files with any third parties or selling the prints is prohibited.

This product is 100% digital and will be delivered as .stl files. We will not refund any purchases containing these items.

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