PTTCC001 S.T.A.C.K. Containers
PTTCC002 S.T.A.C.K. Tanks
PTTCC003 Hardware Shed
PTTCC004 Modular Tenement


PTT40001 Straight Reinforced Trench 
PTT40002 45 Degree Reinforced Trench


GWI001 Communication Terminals (x2)
GWI002 Imperial Bunker
GWI003 Shield Generator (single)
GWI004 Shield Generator (double)
GWI005 Shield Generator (quadruple)
GWI006 Planetary Defense Cannon
GWT001 Moisture Vaporators
GWT002 Spaceship Wreckage
GWT003 Spaceport House A
GWT004 Spaceport House B
GWT006 Marketplace Wall
GWT008 Marketplace Stalls A
GWT009 Marketplace Stalls B
GWT010 Spaceport Cantina - sections: A, B, C, D
GWT011 Spaceport Sheds
GWT012 Canopied Terraces
GWT013 Spaceport House Stairs
GWT014 Spaceport Wall Widgets A
GWT015 Spaceport Wall Widgets B


WLV001 Vault Sector A
WLV002 Vault Sector B
WLV010 Vault Entrance
WLV010a Elevated Vault Entrance
WLV011 Access Gantry
WLV012 Mainframe
WLV021 Vault Corridor A
WLV022 Vault Corridor B
WLV023 Vault Corridor C
WLV024 Vault Corridor D
WLV025 Vault Corridor E
WLV026 Vault Corridor F
WLV031 Vault Room A
WLV032 Vault Room B
WLV033 Vault Room C
WLV034 Vault Room D
WLV071 Vault Expansion Pack: 100mm Archways
WLV072 Vault Expansion Pack: 100mm Gates
WLV073 Vault Expansion Pack: 100mm Reinforced Walls
WLV075 Vault Expansion Pack: 150mm Gates
WLV077 Vault Expansion Pack: Pillars
WLV081 Vault Expansion Pack: Walls Pack A
WLV082 Vault Expansion Pack: Walls Pack B
WLV083 Vault Expansion Pack: Walls Pack C
WLV084 Vault Expansion Pack: Walls Pack D


DC01a Gargoyles A (x4)
DC01b Gargoyles B (x4)
DC02 Atlas Statues (x2)
DC03 Street Furniture
DC04 Aircon Ducts
DC04a Aircon Units (x3)
DC05 Apartment Building
DC06 Office Building
DC07 Corner Apartment Building
DC07b Corner Aparment Building - Balcony Floor
DC08 Fire Escape Stairs (x3)
DC09 Old Diner
DC10 Olympus Building
DC11 Dumpsters (x2)
DC13 Shipping Containers (x2)
DC15 Scaffoldings (x4)
DC18a Portable Light Towers (x3)
DC18b Portable Construction Lights (x3)
DC19 Urban Planters (x4)
DC20 Subway Entrances (x2)
DC21 The Monarch Theatre
DC23 Billboards (x2)
DC24 Bus Shelters (x2)
DC25 Mausoleum
DC26 Pawn Shop
DC27 Girder Overpasses
DC28 Chimneys & Antennas
DC30 Phone Booths & Hydrants
DC31 Tattoo Parlor
DC32 Beauty Parlor
DC33 Newsstand
DC35a Fast Food A
DC38 Rooftop Water Tower
DCBR1A Apartment Building A - ground floor, upper floor, roof
DCBR1B Baudelaire - ground floor, upper floor, roof
DCBR1C Apartment C
DCBR1J Jack in the Box
DCBR1xA BR1 Extension A
DCBR1xB BR1 Extension B
DCBR1xC BR1 Extension C
MT01 Fyfe Magnetower
MT02 Mohawk Magnetower


ITS001 Storage Tanks
ITS002 Silo Frame


TBB001 General Store
TBB002 Undertaker
TBB003 Assay Office
TBB004 Gazette
TBV001 Stagecoach
TBV002 Wagon
TBV003 Dentist’s Wagon
TBV004 Mine Carts (x2)
TBA001 Gallows


K001 Stone Well
KG001 Gothic Ruins
KG002 Ruined Belltower
KG003 Ruined Gothic Cloister
KG004 Ruined Gothic Chapel
KG005 Graveyard Fence


FP001 Modular Catwalks A
FP002 Modular Catwalks B
FP003 Cooling Unit
FP004 Burning Stack
FP005 Filtering Tanks
FP006 Hydraulic Press
FP007 Assembly Line
FP008 Conveyor Belts
FP010 Modular Barriers (x10)
FP011 SIT Containers Gothic A
FP012 SIT Containers Gothic B
FP015 Industrial Stairwell
FP016 Industrial Elevator


Tile (any)
Foundation (any)

VD41 L-train car
VD91 Baluster Set A
VD92 Baluster Set B
VD93 Baluster Set C
VD95 Concrete Barriers
VD96 Guardians of Traffic - bridge, statue
VD96a Guardian of Traffic