Hello! My name is Andrzej and I've been an avid tabletop gamer and scenery builder for as long as I can remember (OK, that's a a bit of an overstatement, but I've started playing Star Wars CCG in 1998 at the age of ten and I've been building miniature buildings with various materials since, well, I could hold a LEGO brick or a piece of cardboard in my hands ;-) ).

I've started Multiverse in 2015, trying to turn my life-long hobby (and a couple of years of hobby blogging at multiverse15.blogspot.com) into a source of additional income during my time at the Jagiellonian University - and for a while now it's been my main and only job. I handle all the design work, laser cutting and packing of the kits, while some specialized manufacturing processes like printing are outsourced to various companies here in Cracow and elsewhere in Poland.

The old Multiverse15 blog

All the parcels ship from our office in Cracow and all the materials are sourced locally - we're happy to support the local communities and even happier to be able to run our business within the EU.

I hope you'll like the Multiverse kits and accessories - and I'm even more eager to see the tables and dioramas you'll build with them, please don't hesitate to send any pics of your work in :)

Happy gaming,

Andrzej Probulski


PS I almost forgot about my most important co-worker! Meet Salem, the Quality Manager and a highly skilled Container Specialist: