Dear All,
As you have surely noticed, it's been a long time since we've released any new laser-cut models and over the past year, the focus has been exclusively on 3D-printable ones.
Between the rising overheads and the design limitations that flat-packed HDF kits carry, making the laser-cut items at this scale (with just me operating the two laser cutters, packing and shipping stuff by hand) became neither profitable enough nor, frankly, satisfying enough to carry on. On the contrary, designing the STLs for 3D printing not only has proved to be a stable source of income, but it made me fall in love with designing miniature scenery all over again.
While I've suspended taking orders for HDF kits until the end of 2022 as a temporary measure, I can now say that we won't get back to manufacturing laser-cut items. From now on, Multiverse will be focusing solely on STL models for 3D printing.
The assembly instructions for the HDF kits will remain available on the website for the foreseeable future, but all the laser-cut sets will be removed from the website soon and the store will be reorganized to better fit the new focus of the company.
That said, we've been talking with a major scenery manufacturer about the possibility of them manufacturing the laser-cut kits from our catalog - so far it's looking good and we hope to have some news about the new home for Multiverse kits soon!
We have a ton of great stuff planned for the next year, with our first proper range of fantasy miniatures, a large collaborative miniatures/terrain Kickstarter campaign, and several smaller projects we've hinted at recently (Repulsor Land Train vol. 2 being the first of them) - and we hope you'll stick with us for this journey!
Andrzej Probulski