Metropolis L-Train


This product includes files from Metropolis Kickstarter pledge Guardian of Traffic (reward choice: L-Train).

If you backed the Metropolis Kickstarter campaign, use the personalized code you have received on checkout to download the model for free. Detailed instructions available HERE Your code will only work for the pledge level you've selected during the campaign.

The files from Metropolis Kickstarter will be made available over time according to the schedule posted HERE.

Once you purchase the files, they are assigned to your account and you can re-download them later at any time, along with any updated versions.

By purchasing this product you agree to print this file for personal use only. Sharing the files with any third parties or selling the prints is prohibited.

This product is 100% digital and will be delivered as .stl/.3mf files. We will not refund any purchases containing these items.

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