Ellen & Mawr, the Fighting Princesses


Two warrior princesses. One an orphan princess who had to fend for herself with a sword and some ice magic, the other - a beloved daughter who, nevertheless, had to confront enormous beasts armed with nothing but her bow. There's a lot that separates these two warrior princesses, but they are each other's equal match when it comes to prowess in battle!

  • 28mm scale
  • includes files for Ellen, the Orphan Princess, and Mawr, the Archer; both miniatures are included in unsupported, pre-supported (by and Lychee LYS file versions.

By purchasing this product you agree to print these files for personal use only. Sharing the files with any third parties or selling the prints is prohibited.

This product is 100% digital and will be delivered as .stl files. We will not refund any purchases containing these items.

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