Repulsor Land Train


This set allows you to build a modular antigrav train for your sci-fi and space fantasy games. The cars have removable roofs and accessible interiors, the propulsion modules and the car sections connect with OpenLOCK clips, so you can customize the length of cars and their means of movement between games.

Miniatures for scale comparison only, kindly provided by Skullforge Studios

Please visit the Kickstarter campaign for this set HERE to read more about its features.

You will receive the following models as STL files for your 3D printer:
1 'Mule' Engine
1 'Hammerhead' Engine

1 Boxcar
1 Flatcar
1 Passenger Car
1 Tank Car
1 Livestock Car
1 Gondola Car

1 Wheels
1 Repulsor Wells
1 Grav Sleds
1 Thrusters

1 Side Mounted Platform
2 Flatcar Cargo models
2 Flight Stand variants

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