Repulsor Land Train vol. 2


Repulsor Land Train is a set of 3D printable modular sci-fi train models for 28-32mm miniature gaming, that will allow you to play all of these scenarios on your tabletop. We've designed the models from this set to fit the aesthetics of a 'used future' (or 'analog future') associated most commonly with Star Wars - but we hope you will find them useful in many different rulesets and settings!

Our first Repulsor Land Train campaign did not feature any track modules as we assumed that flying trains are even cooler than regular ones. However, due to popular demand from backers, we decided to launch a Volume 2 campaign that includes these modules - and more!

Miniatures for scale comparison only, kindly provided by Skullforge Studios

Please visit the Kickstarter campaign for this set HERE to read more about its features.

 You will receive the following models as STL files for your 3D printer:

Desert Templar Engine

Ion Vulture Engine

Wasteland Passenger Car

Horizontal Tank Car

Open Top Car


Maglev Drive Propulsion Module

Side Fin Propulsion Module


4" Tracks (3 Variants)

6" Tracks (3 Variants)

15 Degree Tracks (3 Variants)

30 Degree Tracks (3 Variants)

Damaged Tracks (6 Variants)

Rocky Outcrop Pillars (3 Variants)

Pillar Top Inserts (4 Variants)

Pillar Toppers (3 Variants)

Service Platform

Service Ladders (2 Variants)

4" Train Platform

Train Platform Stairs (2 Variants)

Pillar-to-Track Connector (single- and double-sided variant)

Round Pillar (3" and 1,5" variants)

Round Pillar with Ladder (3" variant)

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