Shattered Galaxy: Core


Shattered Galaxy: Core, the inaugural set in the Shattered Galaxy range, is brimming with a diverse array of modules. Inside, you'll discover walls, platforms, walkways, railings, ladders, and more, providing you with endless possibilities for crafting your ideal tabletop terrain. Combining unparallel portability, stylized cartoonish look and designs allowing for easy LED integration, this set balances form and function in a way that we're truly proud of.

To learn more about this set, please visit its original Kickstarter campaign page.

The Core set includes over 160 STL files, including both single-part modules and multi-part pieces that require some assembly (or allow for a bit of customization). List of contents below, PDF preview file with all the parts listed downloadable HERE.

  • 30 Living Quarters Walls
  • 18 Processing Plant Walls
  • 9 Platforms
  • 6 Platform Machinery Modules
  • 2 Platform Extensions
  • 3 Railings
  • 13 Walkways
  • 1 Ladder and 1 Ladder Hook
  • 3 Walkway Pillar Variants
  • 3 Platform Terminals
  • Zipline
  • Modular Energy Barrier
  • Modular Gantry Crane
  • Modular Elevator
  • Modular Bulkheads
  • Modular Reactor Shaft (4 Platforms + 5 Wall Modules)
  • 2 Slim OpenLOCK clips

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