Starport Market


This modular set allows you tu build and customize a marketplace located in a starport somewhere in a galaxy far away.

Each building contains a ground floor with three accessible stalls, an upper floor with a playable interior and a removable roof. There are two (2) ground floor variants, two (2) terraced first floor variants, two (2) enclosed first floor variants and two (2) roof variants included.

The buildings can be arranged into an octagon or a meandering structure, each module connects with an OpenLOCK clip. Compatible set of walkways and stairways available separately.

The set also includes a hefty number of accessories allowing you to further customize the market:
Four (4) detachable stall canopies
Four (4) detachable signs (with separate letters included for further customization)
Twelve (12) pieces of stall furniture, including seats, baskets, animal cages, shelves and counters.

This product is 100% digital and will be delivered as .stl files. We will not refund any purchases containing these items.

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